The King of Fighters 2003 is a fighting game produced by SNK Playmore for the arcade and Neo Geo platform in the house. It is the 10th game in The King of Fighters and the first KOF game to become a Tag Tournament. It is also the first KOF to be published by SNK Playmore and is the latest game developed for KOF Neo Geo MVS and AES hardware console. This has been the main platform for the series since the first game, KOF 94. The game was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Both versions were released in North America as a two-in package-one with its previous KOF 2002 game, respectivel.
The game revolves around ‘The King of Fighters’ elite competition. This competition is where Rugal was defeated Orochi and were sealed away. The tournament that the game revolves around was sponsored by an unknown patron, whose identity became a matter of concern in the country. Perhaps as a result of this publicity, which attracted a large number of participants.
With the start of the new rule of “multi -shift” in the KOF tournament, where competitors can tag freely outside of battles, the competition became a social phenomenon and monopolized the discussions around the world. This also requires both a rapid implementation of a strategy game and unified team.
The seats of the local competitions were determined schedules were completed and viewers moved from one place to another preliminary matches. To create the atmosphere of a real street fight, places settled in the urban centers and competition events were broadcast live on big screens. Several stadiums scaled to support tens of thousands of people were acquired from cities around the world during the tournament.
The format of Team Battle 3-on-3 is used again, and the game uses a multi-Shift format that allows players to change characters during the middle of the battle as the Battle Tag Format 3-on-3. When the signal “Change OK” is displayed above the power bar, the player can make a Quick Shift and switch characters immediately, or to carry out an attack Switching off against an opponent that will consume an indicator power values​​.
The game also features a tactical leader system, in which one member of the team is designated as the leader, giving access to an exclusive movement known as the leader of Super Special Move (in addition to regular Super Special Moves). This usually requires two power indicator stocks to perform.
As in the previous game in the series, the Power Meter players can store up to three stocks at the start of a game, but unlike the previous game, the player starts with a manometer filled with three populations. When a team loses one of its members, the maximum capacity of the power reserve indicator is incremented by one, giving the losing team a disadvantage against the opposing team. Unlike previous KOF games, each player earns only hit 100 points...

  • Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
  • Ram:128MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Cpu: 733MHz




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