igi game

project IGI (I am Going in) Is Very Popular Pc Game in the all over the world In this Game has 14 mission. In all mission you can complete your project  you kill your enemies an complete and your commando name is Jhones and Anya gives information what will you do.

David Llewellyn Jones - Jones is an officer in I.G.I. (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and former British SAS operator. Players control him as the main character.
Anya - Anya is the contact at headquarters who directs Jones via radio. She is taken hostage by Ekk and helps Jones defuse the nuclear weapon after Ekk is killed in final mission.
Jach Priboi - Soviet Arms Dealer
Josef Priboi - Jach's Nephew
Ekk - a corrupt Russian lady commander who intends to destroy Europe by launching a nuclear warfare.
Captain Harrison - commander of allied troops, which aid Jones in some missions, and an ex-Green Beret.

igi 1 game

igi 1 game

igi 1 game

Size: 263.20 MB


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